Treat online school like a school – psychologist

Supreme Counseling for Personal Development President and CEO Shawn Clarke urges parents to prepare mentally and physically, along with their children, for a full online school that begins Monday.

Clarke said it’s important for everyone involved to find various ways to cope with their respective challenges.

“It will be a challenge for a number of students to go back to school full time 100% online,” he said. “I think it would be more difficult for the first alumni who have just passed the common entrance exam and are entering high schools for the first time, to have an online experience, with all the nerves and l anxiety associated with entering a new school, meeting new friends, a new environment, a new culture.

Clarke suggested that parents create a school atmosphere for their children, placing them in a room conducive to study and away from distractions, including television and noise pollution.

“Mentally prepare your child. As a parent you also have to be mentally prepared and in order to do that we have to accept the reality that this is what it is right now and that is what we have to work with, so we have to find a way. to make it work.

“Ask yourself: what is the worse of the two evils, online school or no school? Which of the two is more damaging to my child in the long run? And I’m sure families and parents will find the most appropriate answer.

“I think parents know what that answer is. It’s online school now because we can’t do better. It’s not just Barbados, I’ve been told Antigua and Barbuda is going back to school 100% online as well. So we just have to accept that this is the new normal right now and adapt to these changing times and make the most of the situation. “

The psychologist, who also said that students should be encouraged to be as interactive as possible with their teachers during virtual lessons, said they should also be disciplined, polite and behave as if they were sitting in a room. of physical class.

Clarke said, “Allow your kids to establish a routine. Have your child get up at a specific time and get ready for school as if this child is taking their backpack and going to take a bus or get in a vehicle to school. Treat online school like school. Dress appropriately and make sure your child is well looked after. Make sure your child is on their device before school starts. (Ah)

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