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Indianapolis University is pleased to announce that Lucinda Dale, EdD, a professor in the College of Health Sciences School of Occupational Therapy, is this year’s recipient of Teacher of the Year.

During his classes, Dr. Dale is a shining light in his teaching. She illuminates complex and sometimes confusing concepts and cases in an informative and positive way. She engages students by incorporating their lived experiences into her teaching. She creates various activities to open learning to all students, going far beyond discussions and visuals. Dr. Dale demonstrates superior expertise in content while encouraging students to engage with the material through a real-world, evidence-based approach.

Additionally, for much of her career at UIndy, Dr. Dale remained a clinical therapist. This dual practice allows her to stay relevant while preparing her students for their professional roles. With this in mind, one of the key skills its students develop over the course of their studies is to become practitioners who operate independently in evaluating and modifying their own orthotics to match their clients’ conditions, while adhering to design principles and achieving safe manufacture and fit. . Dr. Dale has been a leader in this aspect of UIndy’s OT programming.

Dr. Dale’s thoughtful mentorship and inspiring teaching was noted not only by the UIndy Teacher of the Year selection committee, but also by an alumnus who remarked:

“Looking back, it’s more apparent to me now how great she was at maintaining the delicate balance between holding students to high academic standards, while remaining gracious and kind to both the most achievers and those who struggled. I believe this led to our cohort selecting her as an honored speaker at our celebratory Hooding and Pinning ceremony at the end of our program. I also thank Dr. Dale for my decision to pursue therapy of the hand as my specialty in the practice of occupational therapy. His ability to combine humor, grace and kindness while navigating difficult medical concepts remains an inspiration.

There were many deserving nominees for Teacher of the Year this year. You can view these additional nominees below and help us recognize their positive contributions to the University and its students:

James Bellew, EdD

Professor, Krannert School of Physiotherapy

Dr. Bellew’s intentional teaching style requires significant preparation, and this work is evident in the classroom. It centralizes the student experience and never forgets what it is to be a student. It uses interactive active experience and real-world situations to make topics more meaningful.

Bruce Biggs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Biggs is able to use his extensive classroom criminal justice experience to train the next generation of law enforcement officers. Her teaching style is warm and thoughtful, encouraging students to engage with the material in a practical way and providing various examples and detailed explanations to help them relate concepts.

Ana Maria Ferreira, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages ​​and Cross-Cultural Studies

Dr. Ferreira brings her passion for foreign languages ​​and immersive cultures into her classroom, challenging her students to go beyond what they already know and reconsider alternative perspectives. She is a positive and energetic teacher who uses a variety of teaching methods to engage students and foster an atmosphere of collaboration, shared learning, and linguistic exploration.

Samantha Gray, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Gray emphasizes risk-taking and flexibility for her students. She appreciates their ability to tolerate ambiguity in difficult situations in the field and likes to challenge her students to think in different ways. She is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher who encourages students to think about complex issues in a creative and enjoyable classroom environment.

Christina Jansing, MSS

Assistant Professor, Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology

Christina Jansing sees teaching as a beautiful and unique opportunity to transmit the values ​​of social work to her students. She is a knowledgeable and caring educator who encourages students to think critically about challenges faced in the field and how they might be effectively addressed.

Rebecca McKanna, MFA

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dr. McKanna creates an exciting, well-organized, productive, and engaging classroom experience. She finds a way to connect with each student and make the material personal and therefore meaningful to her students, an impact that likely lasts long after they complete her course. She strives to teach students that they can learn to write, that it doesn’t have to be something you were born with.

Sarah Reynolds, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Space Earth Sciences

Dr. Reynolds is keen to demonstrate the importance of course content to students, infusing activities and examples into his classroom to help students bond. She uses a variety of teaching methods to help her students learn and apply the content and makes it fun and fascinating to learn. This teaching strategy is consistent with her value of teaching her students skills they can use throughout their lives, even beyond the subject she teaches.

Craig Seidelson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Business

One of Dr. Seidelson’s strengths is using his real-life professional experiences to create authentic learning opportunities for his students. He encourages students to engage through team simulations as part of his regular practice. Another of his talents is to support students with clear instructions and continuous coaching. He has developed a community program in which UIndy business students create solutions for logistics and operations management companies in the region.

John Somers, EdD

Associate Professor, School of Education

Dr. Somers describes his teaching as a mission to help the next generation make the world a better place. He compares good teaching to a constant struggle in which he not only evaluates the students, but also himself. He is very proud of the successes of UIndy School of Education alumni. He is an energetic and enthusiastic educator who promotes the success of his students and constantly guides future teachers through hands-on learning experiences. His enthusiasm and attentiveness still permeate his teaching.

Paul Talaga, PhD

Associate Professor, RB Annis School of Engineering

Dr. Talaga is highly knowledgeable and passionate about his content area. It continually creates and implements projects that challenge student thinking with the goal of preparing graduates to be formidable thinkers as they enter the ever-changing world of using technology and programming. One of his priorities is to give students the tools to learn so that they can adapt quickly to changes in their career fields. Graduates mention that its strength is in sparking their curiosity so that they become strong real-world problem solvers.

Aksana Waskosky, DPN

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Dr. Waskosky is passionate about nursing and makes sure to remind students of the true importance of their content beyond the classroom. She is an excellent and enthusiastic communicator who guides her students in learning all aspects of neonatal care. She sees her students as her future colleagues and wants to be able to count on them as such – this is a great motivation in her teaching at UIndy.

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