Using modern neuroscience to understand the emotional impact of therapy on the psychologist

Have you noticed how a difficult session with a client can impact your entire day?

Are you reacting to family pressure because of something that happened with your team at work?

Bobby Moore will present a webinar examining how psychologists are emotionally impacted by their work. Bobby will examine the invitation of contemporary neuroscience to rethink the theories that inform our practice.

Concepts such as emotional resonance when doing the job well, how mirror neurons explain the pain we feel when our clients are in pain, how multidisciplinary teams reflect their clients’ emotions, and how we can use these theories to manage these emotions and these dynamics, both within the therapy and within the teams.

Dr Robert M Moore

D.Psych., M.Ed., M.Med.Sci. (Psychotherapy), Adv.Dip.Sup.

Bobby is currently based in Belfast and is self employed with mixed practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, mediator, executive coach and facilitator.

He works primarily with multidisciplinary teams in the fields of psychology, counselling, health care, education, social services and justice in cross-cultural contexts in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and in the Americas.

He is particularly interested in exploring the potential for applying contemporary neuroscience insights to personal, team, and cultural dynamics as well as radically reframing inherited models of professional practice in light of emerging insights.

As a product of the D.Psych. program at Middlesex University, he published ‘Reflexive Supervision: a workbook for learning within and across professions’ (2016).

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